We believe a pre tossed salad is the best, no mixing no fuss, no mess... just open and eat. 

If you disagree, that's cool... just request yours not tossed. 

Asian Chicken Crunch

Shredded Romaine & iceberg, diced chicken are tossed in sesame peanut dressing and orange sesame ginger dressing with toasted sesame seeds, crispy wontons, peanuts & carrots

Buffalo Chicken

Shredded Romaine & iceberg in 
ranch, celery, shredded carrots,
fried buffalo chicken, blue cheese 
crumbles, red onion, cherry tomato 


Shredded Romaine & iceberg, diced chicken are  tossed in southwest chipotle ranch, guacamole, corn, black beans, pico de gallo, red peppers and tortilla chips

Cobb Explosion 

Shredded Romaine & iceberg tossed in 
Dijon vinaigrette, avocado, cherry
tomato, blue cheese, egg, bacon 
and chicken

Sub or Add:    Chicken    Steak     Ground Beef       
Vegan: Plant Beef       Vegan Krab Patty       Vegan Calamari