It Was All A Dream

Mac Shack is a small business owned by the Green Family. 

Mr. Green left an aspiring career in corporate sector for one

reason... to build something together with his family and those

he loved. After years in the hustle of business travel, Mr. green

wanted time to see his family grow and have daily interaction

with them in person. Not knowing how to pursue his desire, he

decided to do the thing he enjoyed most with family and friends,

make delicious food! It all started as a small catering company

(YUM Catering), but after years of sacrifice we have added

our store front concept... MAC Shack! 

kaiser rob.png

NO HAND OUT - Hand Up! 

Ways To Help

Starting at the age of 10 years old delivering newspapers on

my bike, to my years working 2 jobs to get through college, I have never looked for a hand out. And today, I am proud that my team and I worked hard to get through 2020. As we open our new store the second wave of Covid has kept our customers away. Our current location is heavily dependent on local offices, which are empty. 

I write this not for myself, as much as for my employees and small businesses like us, that have people rely on us for survival. We ask that you shop small business this season and until things get better. If you are buying gift cards, buy from small business. If you are thinking of doing catering for a wedding or event now or next year, purchase now and support small business. Your kind gesture might be the difference to a family like yours. We aren't looking for charity, just people to raise there hand and stand by us during these last few months of a hard time

For next year this year

Thank you,

Robert Green, Sr.